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Over the years I have started various bands in various places, and performed extensively as a solo artist. Below are links to the various projects.

The Patches

The Patches was a guitar-based Indie-Folk group which I started in Edinburgh with Adriana Carmona, Andy Towell & Mat Potinger, back in 2012. It featured many of my earlier compositions, which were brought to life in a full band setting. Later on musicians, such as: Oliver Sentance, Graeme Anthony, Marc Burn & Callum Stevenson also joined the group.

The Fed Peasants

The Fed Peasants was a medieval-themed jazz-folk group which I started in Edinburgh, with Adriana Carmona, Oliver Sentance, Graeme Anthony & Aga Banach, back in late 2014. It started as a casual busking thing, but soon developed into a full-on concept, complete with costumes, spoken word intervals, and melodic protest songs which I had written specifically for the group.

Solo Works

Being an avid song-writer I have always continued to perform and record as a solo artist as well. It gives me a chance to display the very essence of my creative persona; the bare essentials where ideas are born; collaborating with other musicians to enhance the songs, but ultimately performing under my own name with my own vision.

The Rum Deals

I started The Rum Deals with Luke Morgan, way back in 2006. It was my first proper musical project which lasted many years, us both travelling and gigging as an acoustic duo around the north of England, and then later as a full band with Yorgos Chatziandreou in London.

Soul Rebels

Soul Rebels is my current band. This one is a bit different from my previous projects in that we play solely reggae music. I’ve teamed up with Adriana Carmona, Tonton Hatol,  Florence Lang, and Gary Ngaronoa here in Australia, playing reggae originals and popular reggae covers.

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