Solo works…


Debut EP Coming Soon!

My first proper solo E.P is still in production. But here, enjoy some demos…

‘Sick at the Best of Times’ was recorded late in 2015. It was my first time using Logic Pro on my mate’s Mac, with the added fun of a midi keyboard to insert various toots here and there.

‘The Shady Lights’ was recorded at the end of 2013. It’s the last album I recorded on the BossBR1180, before I rather accidentally blew it up.

‘Fallen Winds’ was recorded early on in 2013. Usually, after staying somewhere for 6 months we’d be off, but this time, in Edinburgh, the winds could not blow us away.

‘Shedhead’ was recorded in late 2012. Like one of my heroes Roald Dahl, I have always dreamed of having my own shed; a place amongst the bristles, where thin sheets of wood provide the privacy to write.

‘Hits from the Valley’ was recorded early on in 2012, during our stay in the Lea Valley, just outside London.

I recorded ‘Room to Let’ in my mate’s shed, back in 2011. I was living in a van at the time, and many of the songs are quite relevant to that. I was later to use a lot of them with The Patches.