Catch my breath…


A hard day’s graft can often leave you exhausted and in a bad mood. For most of us giving up all our time and energy just to earn money is quite unsatisfactory. It makes you yearn for adventure, but you have no strength with which to undertake one. And your spirits worsen. And you become bad company for those around you. But all it takes is a short respite, a little moment to yourself to rest and catch your breath, after which you start to see clearer, and can focus on what really matters…

I need a minute to catch my breath;
Regain my health;
Explain myself.
Sudden, sullen moments in frantic rants
Consume me
And you,
And show the side of me more worse for wear.
I cannot stop
‘Til I reach the top
And pop my clogs-
In sight but never reached
Is the summit which I aspire to attain.
But when
I stop,
I hear,
I realise;
I notice that all is not as it seems,
It’s much less important,
Much less urgent.
It’s majestically beautiful insignificance
And the freedom irrelevance brings.
And I grab it,
And it grabs me,
And I’m no longer in a panic
Or a rush,
Just flowing like a human being,
Not doing,
Or trying to achieve anything.

By T. Crowley
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