Pig Parade…

We all have crappy jobs sometimes, yeah? I used to just bum around doing music wherever I went, but as you get older you get more responsibilities and need money that is a bit more steady. When I was living in Spain I met a fellow Englishman who told me, “When you first get to a new country you have to do any job you can find”. And when I got here in Australia I tried to be responsible and follow that philosophy. For a short time I did the unthinkable… I got a job pushing trolleys in a huge Westfield shopping centre. And it wasn’t that bad really; I was able to save up to go and study Conservation at College. But I did see some terrible things.

Everybody seems so kind and civilised when you meet them out on the street, but as soon as they step through the doors of a retail outlet their personas take on a much more hostile and selfish habit. Greed and a ‘me first’ mentality becomes prominent; complete disregard for one another. And I guess that’s what the big shopping companies want, whatever it takes to get those products off the shelves and into the trolleys of the consumers…

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