Starting Over…


I’ve always moved around a lot. From the moment I left school it became a habit; whether I was with friends or by myself, I’d always be seeking out some new destination. And it’s always been a pleasure satisfying that urge, but it’s also been difficult creating any kind of stability for myself. And it’s followed me into my creative projects also.

For most creative projects one needs to collaborate. You can have your vision, and it can be clear, but to tidy up those rougher edges, to seek insight, to elaborate and confirm and contest ideas you need to have additional input from an outside source. And even more so if you want to put it on a stage. And if you want to start a band (in the traditional sense with each member bringing their personalities influence) then you must prepare yourself for a long process. I’ve done it many times, only to knock it on the head far too soon- in London with The Rum Deals; in Edinburgh with both The Patches and The Fed Peasants. All 3 started with such momentum, such enthusiasm; we gigged hard, recorded albums, became tight as a group(s). But then after a year or so, in each instance, I got bored and went off travelling to some other place, satisfying that urge.

I guess it is a little easier to create some amount of stability whilst constantly being on the move these days, what with the internet; but without committing to a place, laying roots, you’ll never build up that network of contacts which is essential for a successful career in the arts. It just takes time. Years. You need to be patient, pace yourself, enjoy the process. Only then can you develop thoroughly and get your project off the ground.

I’m trying my best. As I get older I become more determined to settle. For a while at least. And my definition of a ‘while’ becomes more elongated as I get more mature in my adulthood. I’ve still got that urge, that feeling within; it’ll never leave. But learning more and more about the value and possibilities which come with connection, more and more do I invest myself in my current surroundings. As now I write, just arrived in a new city, in a new country, on a new continent, pushing to begin, once again starting over…

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5 thoughts on “Starting Over…

  1. For what it’s worth, I know a musician who has lived the touring, nomadic life for… I want to say at least 10-15 years now successfully. It *can* work. Part of the trick is to build connections in places that make a good circuit and that can host house concerts to which they will invite their (hopefully many) friends. It helps too to aim for being a big fish in small ponds that don’t see much activity and may be hungry for live music.

    Of course you may know all this by now, but as someone who hates being stuck in place I thought I’d share that more freedom *is* possible. 🙂

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  2. My father was in the United States Navy, which moved me around every two years from the day I was born till the day I got out of high school. As a musician, I moved around a lot after that. To this day, the longest I’ve stayed in a single city was 8 1/2 years when I had a job playing cocktail music at a restaurant. On my blog I often share the story of how I returned to the city of my birth some sixty years after leaving it when I was 15 months old, only because I didn’t want my whole life to go by without knowing what it was like. I feel in love with it, it fell in love with me, and if I haven’t settled down by now, I probably never will. Good luck on your own settling down. It doesn’t come naturally to those of us born under a Wandering Star.

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  3. Loved this post and also the conversation it stimulated. Still wandering…too, but now my “base” remains in one place. Have a good rest of your week, Thompson. I read a quote today. “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do”. – Rumi.

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