A million different people from one day to the next…


Music has been touching mankind for generation upon generation. There isn’t any culture in human history that hasn’t bonded over it. It breaks down barriers and speaks on so many levels, educating those surrounded by it in ways that other forms of communication just cannot.

Incorporating words into music isn’t a new thing, far from it, but with the dawning of pop music came a stronger focus on this. Listeners were subject to repetitions of certain phrases which went on to inspire, explain, and define their own development as people. Whether it’s simple, commercial songs with childish, poppy lyrics, or deeper, more meaningful underground songs with philosophical, poetic lyrics; in the vast catalogue of modern music available there is something for everyone. And whatever appeals to someone, after hearing it, will eventually get stuck inside their head.

One of the most memorable and inspirational lines from a song in my era is without a doubt from ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ by The Verve.

“I’m a million different people from one day to the next…”

I’ve spoken to so many people who agree with me on this, not to mention heard various people on t.v, radio, the internet, also say how much it shaped their mindset.

The power and usefulness of music is relevant throughout the entirety of our lives, but when we are teenagers, struggling through puberty, leaving that simple, naive, fun and easy existence which is childhood, into adulthood and all its responsibilities, music is particularly important. When we become grown ups we are forced to make decisions about so many things that we never even had to consider in the past, and this causes us untold grief. It brings about that unanswerable question of: “Who am I?” And trying to figure this out, trying to pin yourself with the restriction of a label, ultimately sends you insane.

We’re no one. We’re everyone. We’re this, that; influenced by vast variables: emotions, environment, genetics. We’re constantly changing, developing, evolving. To try and define our entirety as beings is just ridiculous; we’re just so malleable, so versatile. We’re a million different people from one day to the next…

What song lyric do you find most inspiring??

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8 thoughts on “A million different people from one day to the next…

  1. What caught my eye was the title and the picture. I was like yes! I love this song! This was a nice read and made me think of the music I listened to growing up. I was greatly influenced by the grunge/altrock bands from the 90’s to the mid 00’s. I often find myself going back to the bands/music from that time over the music from now. The main reason is because the lyrics and the music in general still speak to me more, as a whole, than must of the music now. Thank you for the article! I enjoyed the read and remembering this song.

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  2. What amazes me is that a song can ‘speak’ to me, even when the words don’t. (Does that make sense?) For instance, I recently re-discovered Ray Charles. Found an old CD at work, and have listened to it probably a dozen times now… OLD, OLD stuff. OLD blues talking about cheating spouses, alcohol and drug addiction… NONE OF WHICH APPLIES TO ME. lol. But, somehow… It resonates. Means something. Evokes emotion.

    Oh, wait, I was supposed to tell a song… It’s a long list, but one of them where the music and words match is “Blank White Page” by Mumford and Sons. Oh my GOSH. I KNOW THAT FEELING. Oh. So. Well.

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  3. Interesting read! 🙂
    A lyric that has stuck with me since the first time I heard is is from a Florence and the Machine song:
    I’m not scared to jump, I’m not scared to fall, if there was nowhere to land I wouldn’t be scared at all.
    That entire album spoke to me as a teenager, but I always come back to that particular lyric.
    There is something beautiful about the impact music and poetry can have on shaping and validating us when we need it.

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