Reason to sing…


One of the most noticeable differences of life in Australia compared to that of my British homeland is the sound of the birds. Whether it be the impressive song of the kookaburra, the melodic chortle of the Australian magpie, or the deranged sqwark of the many corellas, each one sounds so extremely exotic to me. Every morning I wake up to these delightful sounds reminding me just where it is that I am…

Reason to Sing

There’s reason to sing,
The birds do exclaim;
Flapping their wings
To be part of the game.
A chorus will sound
As they 
enter the ring;
Tie-ing the bounds
With melodic string.
Wrapped up in verses
And bridging the ponds,
They open their purses,
And fill them with songs.

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6 thoughts on “Reason to sing…

  1. I enjoyed reading your lovely blog posts. Also, I listened to the the songs you created and I loved the music, composition and of course the voice. Awesome work! You’re very talented.
    Good Luck n keep sharing your creations 🙂

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