The Rum Deals…

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Way back when, when I was just a young man, I formed a musical alliance with another singer/songwriter/guitarist by the name of Luke Morgan. We had met a few years earlier at college doing media studies, but this second bout of friendship revolved completely around creating sounds. And when we were in our late teens we started gigging, recording, all the things that serious musicians start to do.

Things really got busy for us when we bought a campervan and started travelling around Yorkshire, busking and playing in pubs for sustenance. And then even more so when, 2 years later, we moved to London, teamed up with drummer, Yorgos Chatziandreou, and began gigging as a full band around the city.

The thing that really set us apart was our ability to write. We were both avid penmen and had tons of material, and the energy which the joining of our personalities brought to it was somewhat magical. And we had the added bonus of a digital 8 track to get these creations cemented into a listen-able format, to be enjoyed forever after.

Here’s a track which we recorded in Goldsmith’s college in London, which about sums it all up…

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