The Fed Peasants…


Let me tell you a story about a band of merry minstrels stuck in an era long after their time..

The Fed Peasants were a medieval-themed jazz-folk protest group. The project was born in the picturesque setting of Cordes-Sur-Ciel, a small ancient hilltop town in the south of France, when me and my wife, Adri, were travelling through Europe on our honeymoon. But it really came into its own when the group expanded, with five of us clad in ye olde costumes performing to crowds on the twisted cobbled lanes of Edinburgh, Scotland, and the quaint wooden taverns in between. The line up consisted of: me on Guitar and Vocals, Adri on Vocals and Percussion, Oli Sentance on Bass, Graeme Anthony on Saxophone and Clarinet, and Aga Banach on Djembe. Our set comprised of original jazzy numbers, along with anti-capitalist poems and skits.

The project was always doomed to be a short one, what with the two lead singers being addicted to travel, and the lack of medieval jazz enthusiasts to spur us on. But it has created a legend that, like the era from which it was inspired, will outlive the modern fads…

Download the full Fed Peasants album for free HERE


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