The struggling musician…


It’s hard trying to make it as anything these days, we have so many options, yet so much competition. The ideas are there, and many of them at that, but trying to implement them into a positive outcome is difficult. And when you’re following an artistic path it can come across as almost impossible. But the best of us don’t let this put us off. On and on we go, stumbling over the vast stifling obstacles which we encounter along the way.

There’s this image of a struggling musician which is very romantic. Hardship seems to make it all the more sincere, more genuine. And as far as inspiration goes the details of this toil and frustration serve as a perfect muse. And there will always be struggles in this world, don’t get me wrong; we all have our battles, no matter how successful we have been. But pursuing this struggling musician path, ultimately, will lead nowhere.

It can come across as a bit phony, when an artist finally makes it. They appear to be doing so well, yet still be singing the blues. If you’ve ever read any famous person’s biography, once that initial struggle to the top is over the rest of the story becomes somewhat bland in comparison. But it is essential. Without that success no one would have heard of them and their story would never have been told.

You might have guessed it that I, myself am a struggling musician. And I have revelled in this over the years; becoming intimately acquainted with the sludge through which I trudge. But I’m also a person that embraces change, once I’ve got my head around it. Though this transition into a ‘successful’ musician is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. And by ‘successful’ I don’t mean masses of fans, wads of cash, major record deals, but rather more humble triumphs, such as: good equipment, tight performance, effective networking, good crowd work, wider audience. And it’s coming on. With hard work and persistence one always gets there in the end, or at least closer to the goal. And with the right attitude, a positive outlook, a focus on the little victories which aid development, the struggle becomes more of joy…

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9 thoughts on “The struggling musician…

  1. hard work, because it’s scary and risky and can’t be done without an emotional connection to the thing you’re work on, usually turns into great work … I love where your heart is, you have a different sound … thank you for sharing it

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  2. I have been lucky enough to meet and grow up knowing people who have become recording artists in my country and they all had to work to get a record deal. But that goes for everything we do. You cant just expect to be a success… It takes time and effort.

    I hope you stop struggling and start being successful

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  3. Story of my life, I feel your pain. I got to the point of obsession with music and trying to make it, now it’s secondary to me, and I see it as a hobbie, I enjoy it so much more.

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