An act of kindness…


Some of you may know that two years ago I finished my first book, At Home in the Bushes. I’d started it five years prior and had been picking away at it, on and off, so finally having it finished was a really great feeling. And then almost instantly afterwards I found a publisher that was interested in taking it on.

They told me that they would first like to publish it as an E-book, to ‘test the market’ but other than the fact it wasn’t printed it would be treated exactly the same as all their other projects, them promising to promote and advertise it adequately. Everything seemed legitimate so I signed the contract, giving them full rights to 85% of the E-book earnings, in hopes of it eventually being printed and me getting a 50/50 cut. But surprise surprise, it never did.

Other than listing it up on Amazon and Smashwords they did nothing. I organised talks, promoted it online, as well as in a cycling magazine, only to have them take nearly all the money from sales that were because of my hard work. After complaining repeatedly I eventually came to the conclusion that I was going to have to buy my way out of this contract, which I did a few months ago, for the hefty price of £200.

Having the rights to the book again was (and is) great, but I was back in the same situation as I’d started, having no money to get it printed. But on and on I kept promoting it, as we authors do, in the hopes of attracting enough attention to get some pre-orders to fund a print run. Eventually I received a message from someone who had seen my story online and wanted to help. It came completely out of the blue and I was at first a little dubious of such a generous offer. He said he wanted to pay for 50 copies of the book to be printed, as he thought it was a story that people should be able to read.

Which brings me to today- the day the books arrived. I’m so happy! So thrilled! Having my story in full, finished, printed format is so rewarding; such a joy. And I can’t thank this kind person enough. And it goes to show, for every selfish act there is always a kind act soon to follow, and I’m so lucky to be on the receiving end of it!

At Home in the Bushes is about a year I spent being homeless, cycling, busking & wild-camping around the north of Britain on an old bicycle that I found in a ditch. To learn more click HERE.


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