Too much information…


There’s too much information around. Everywhere you go. Everywhere you look. Signs. Posters. Billboards. Screens. Too much text. Too many words. Too many thoughts. They’re all telling you stuff. This. That. These. Those. This is what you want. This is what you need. This is what’s gonna make your life complete. It asks you, begs you, tricks you, tells you. It confuses, misleads, befuddles and muddles you. You don’t know which way to turn, which way to look, which logo to stake your chips on. It’s reminding you, relentlessly. It wont let you sleep. It wont let you forget who you are, constantly reflecting your image. It’s a mirror- the words, shining back to you in a blurred light your silhouette and every detail within. It wont let you forget. It wont let you not be you. It wont let you let go of yourself. It wont let you become a part of everything else. It wont let your ego dissipate. It wont let you be whole.

If you could just spend a minute or two in surroundings which weren’t designed by the eyes of man. If you could just be alone, away from the other people, in amongst trees, weeds, bugs and soil. If you could just sit quiet and listen to them you might see, beyond the mist, past your thoughts, past the words, past the scribble. Beyond the data. And you might notice how insignificant you, your problems, your worries, your ideas, their ideas, the questions, the answers, the orders, the suggestions are. You’ll see that it’s complete nonsense, pointless, irrelevant junk, and say: “Oh, thank god for that!”

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