My Busking Guide to Britain.

As soon as I turned into adulthood and learnt to play the guitar I started busking. I soon found it to be a great pastime, and also surprisingly profitable. I could earn more by the hour than most other jobs, and make a lot of people smile at the same time. And I could also practice my instrument, and develop my craft.

I’ve always enjoyed travelling, from a very early age. And then, with this new skill of busking; this ability to earn money anywhere at any time; I set off wandering around the entirety of the British mainland, performing in the various cities and towns.

It lasted about 7 years in total. I lived in a few campervans; walked, cycled. (You can read about some of my adventures in my book) And with these various modes of transport I managed to visit many many different locations in both England and Scotland.

Being as there isn’t all that much information about busking in the U.K online, I thought I’d write up reviews of every place that I’ve busked in, a town by town guide of the country. They are just my opinions, and some of the rules may have changed since I wrote them, but I think other buskers can get a rough idea of what certain locations are like, and any hidden gems that could easily be missed.

It’s all free to use. Just visit:

And hopefully it’s of some use to some people!

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